All is Black

I wish I could,
I thought I might,
Believe in something greater than life.
Believe in something bigger than me,
Than you, or what we are meant to see.
Wishes are dreams that never see light,
Wishes are doomed to fade in the Black.
Because you see,
None of us started up right,
We all started this life not with a laugh
But with a cry.
What if the Sadness is actually light?
What if I told you there is no Happy neither is Joy,
There only is Sorrow left to destroy.
So it begins, destroying, creating sins,
Marks that are meant to gloriously resist.
What if I told you there is no Joy,
That all you see is just a decoy.
The Forest is always dark,
Never showing any spark,
No spark of Joy or Happy shall you see,
Don’t even think about Serenity.
What if I told you that all the lights that you encounter,
All the bright shinny paths that you wonder,
All end up in brutality,

Allways ending just when you begin believing in them.