Welcome to SinCity


My name is impossible to pronounce so call me however you like. I want to tell you about the place I come from. I wasn’t actually born there, but it’s the only place I call home. One depraved weekend and I ended up in SinCity. Never left it. Before that, I was a small town girl with pigtails and what not. The only diva I’ve ever heard about was Cinderella. SinCity was filled with divas and none of them looked like a princess. But I won’t talk about the Sinners. I was in love with the city. Those wonderful places. My adventure in SinCity started on ThreeWay. Like all adventures do, right? This amazing city thought me how to survive in the concrete jungle. I practically grew up on Hardcore Street. I have to be honest and admit that I had local guidance. Typical Sinner. He raised me like I was his own. I met him on the corner of Dreams Avenue and Psycho Path. He was running and I wasn’t paying attention. He knocked me unconscious. Since that day, I still refuse to regain my senses. Roby wouldn’t let me anyways. He was intoxicating enough. Mad fuck. Our first kill was right in the middle of Right Now Square. They say you never forget your first one. And it truly was unforgettable. I became a legal Sinner.

SinCity had everything you could ever imagine. There is one thing I still haven’t found though. To this day, I’ve been looking for a Love Avenue. Or street, or path, or a corner, a park, a small shop… Nothing. There just isn’t any love in SinCity. But I’m pretty sure there’s a Lust Hill somewhere around there.